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Morrighan Corbel knew from an early age that tragedy and emotion were her bread and butter. After consuming the original version of The Little Mermaid, in which the unfortunate mermaid is not married to her Prince, but instead is turned into sea foam and damned to an afterlife dictated entirely by the behaviour of children, Morrighan realised her favourite kind of story was the one where not everyone got to live happily ever after, and this love of dark and terrible narratives has haunted her work ever since.

From her early days in digital art, Morrighan found herself drawn to traditional once again after a book illustration project revived her love of the feeling of pencil and brush on paper. Turning her hand to graphite, she discovered that textures- the texture of lead on watercolour paper, the textures brought out by soft graphite brushed over board, textures brought out by putty rubbers pushed into rocks and dabbed over drawings- were what she had been missing, and she immediately dedicated to graphite and watercolour to create dark, ethereal, atmospheric illustrations with subtle iconography and symbolism that suited the macabre, tragic stories she wanted to tell. She graduated with a degree in Illustration for Commercial Application from Cleveland College of Art and Design in 2018, and after a short stint with a software company, now freelances full time.

Her love of fantasy, born from a childhood spent reading almost constantly, has also massively influenced her work. Fairy tales, mythology, and fantasies all feed into her narratives, giving her worlds within worlds to play with and create her work. Recently, she has developed a great love of unnerving, subtle gothic horror, inspired by vivid dreams and the fear that if you go downstairs in the dark too late at night, something will be waiting for you.

In comics, Morrighan was able to marry her love of narrative and illustration, creating adaptations of gothic romantic poems and her favourite literary works. She plans to continue her work in comics with a traditionally drawn webcomic, and continued appearances at comic conventions throughout 2019, including her first international convention. She is also looking to move into editorial work, hoping to create illustrations on topics she loves, such as history and antiques.

When she isn’t drawing, Morrighan is a keen LARPer, and can be found in various locations hitting things with a foam sword. She also loves collecting antiques and has an ever growing collection of Victorian portrait photographs, which she uses as references and as inspiration for her stories. She now lives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in a haunted end of terrace on a road that doesn’t exist any more.