For Inktober 2018, inspiration came from a seminar trip to Belsay Hall. While thumbnailing out ideas for drawings based on photographs she’d taken, Morrighan realised there were many photographs she’d taken over the years that could easily have become drawings, only she never looked at them. With Inktober coming up, she devised a set of three rules for the month that would allow her to explore ways of using her own collection of photographic reference far more within her work:

1) Each drawing must be no bigger than 2” height and width.

2) Each drawing much have one reference photo used prominently in the piece, and these photographs must have been taken by Morrighan herself, at any time. No other photo reference can be used.

3) Each drawing can only be completed in fineliner pen, a light ink wash, and white gel pen. Nothing else can be used.

These strict rules allowed Morrighan to create a cohesive project grounded heavily in reality, but with her own supernatural horror twist. She plans to complete the 31 drawings during 2019 and publish them in a to scale, 2” zine.